Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – What’s Your Ancestral Name Number?

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What’s My Ancestral Name Number?

A few weeks ago, I was working on calculating “my Ancestral Name Number”… that is… my direct ancestors back 10 generations or so that I have “identified” in some capacity.  I was working on my spreadsheet and thought I was “all done” up to this point in my research right now.  Ha!

My Ancestor Number

I got a short one-line message from someone through one of my accounts… about having info on a Surname that is on my list.  So, I went digging on that Surname… and found 8 of my 7th great-grandparents from one line on my Paternal Garon side that I apparently didn’t do too much digging on.  Plus, there are more additions too… so “my Ancestral Name Number” has once again grown via “breaking thru this brick wall of sorts”… thanks to much research from others researching those same Surnames.

I’m still working my way through the influx of additional ancestors and how it all fits together and gather more clues & details.  It takes time filling in such clues, details, and various bits to make sure it connects right.  Plus, verifying sources & records online when applicable.  It just takes time…  I really do appreciate all the “cousins” that share their family trees and research online… because without you… the change in my pocket would be… well the dogs appreciate their treats!  Besides many other reasons too… for all family, cousins, and distant cousins… we need each other to show the growth of our huge family tree and how we are all related!

I’m excited… and yes “my family history” will always be a work-in-progress!  And this is why I always say “it’s a huge project” and I need all the “cousin/family” help I can get!  Truly, I do need “cousin assistance”… why? My family is huge and thus there’s a lot of branches!

These were a few blog posts that caught my good attention to this little challenge: (thanks to all who have shared!)

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Hopefully soon, I will give my Updated “Ancestral Name Number”!  Another Saturday Night… Maybe…

PS. This is thru the Paradis Surname side for my family… and most of it matches up very nicely with some bits and clues I got from Grand-Aunt Doris!

PPS.  This also showed me that I must revise my Surname page to hopefully help display those a bit better to help a cousins doing genealogy that stumble upon it… along with myself for good reference outside of my family tree file.

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